City of Orange Driver Safety Office Access Directions

City of Orange Driver Safety Office Access Directions
The Driver Safety Office is located in the Orange City Square.  The main parking entrance is accessible from The City Drive.

  1. After entering the main parking entrance driveway, turn left at the first opportunity (approximately 85 yards from the entrance) to access the parking lot.
  2. Two disabled parking stalls are located ahead on the right (at the side of the building).    Continue past the building and turn right to locate six other disabled parking stalls on the right side (at the rear of the building).
  3. Enter the building through either the front or rear to arrive at the main lobby.  Take any public elevator to the 4th floor.
  4. After exiting the 4th floor elevator lobby, turn left and proceed down the hall.
  5. Follow the wall leading to the Driver Safety Office public access door on the left.

The entrance is marked "City of Orange Driver Safety - Suite 420."

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