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The California DMV Digital iBook

Apple iPad users now have a new and exciting way to prepare for the written test. The Department of Motor Vehicles "soft-launched" the 2013 California Driver Handbook in late July � and it's available for download through the iBooks app bookstore.

The Digital iBook version of the handbook includes interactive features that bring the driving learning experience to a whole new level. This is an exciting and innovative way of bringing to our customers educational materials for becoming a safe driver on our roadways and highways. It offers a comprehensive overview on a multitude of subjects including: how to acquire a new or renew license; safe driving tips; rules of the road and a summary of standard road signs; sharing the road with other vehicles, mass transit, and pedestrians and cyclists. The electronic driver handbook includes quizzes, interactive videos in every chapter of the handbook.

The driver handbook is available for free download to all iPad iBooks subscribers, along with the hard copies and online educational tools and materials.
Link to DMV Handbook on iBook

Display of DMV California Driver handbook cover
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