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Complete a Name Correction on a Certificate of Title

When a name statement needed

Law requires your true full name on your vehicle/vessel Certificate of Title and registration card.

Your name, as it appears on your vehicle or vessel record, may need to be changed or corrected when it:

  • Is not your true full name.
  • Is misspelled.
  • Changes (for example, as a result of marriage or divorce).
  • Is legally changed.

NOTE: If your last name is hyphenated or there are multiple words, the last name will appear as one word on the Certificate of Title. This is not an error and does not require correction.

How to correct your name

To change or correct your name on your vehicle/vessel's DMV record you must:

  • Submit your Certificate of Title with your correct name printed or typed in the "New Registered Owner" section.
  • Complete the Name Statement on a Statements of Facts (REG 256) indicating the reason for the change and sign the bottom of the form.

If a financial institution has the title

When the title is held by a lienholder, you must:

  • Give the lienholder the Statements of Facts (REG 256) which you have completed and signed.
  • Ask the lienholder to submit the title and Statements of Facts (REG 256) to DMV for correction.

If you don't have the title

If the title was lost, stolen, misplaced, or mutilated, you must also:


There is no cost to make a name change unless an Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227) is submitted. Transfer fees are due if you are adding or deleting another person's name, which is a transfer of ownership.

HTVR 17 Online Version 2/16/2007