California Driver Handbook - Secretary’s Message

Photo of Brian P. Kelly, Acting Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing Agency

Dear Fellow Californian:

Californians today have more tools and educational materials than ever before to help prepare for becoming a safer driver. The 2014 edition of the California Driver Handbook contains updated information on rules of the road, preparation for the drive test and strategies to extend safe driving years.

This year, DMV has also introduced a dynamic and interactive Apple iPad version of the California Driver Handbook to help drivers prepare for DMV’s written exam. New and experienced drivers will find this handbook a valuable resource for information about safe driving.

DMV’s YouTube Channel continues to cover a wide range of topic–driver safety, study tips on passing the drive test, videos on commercial vehicles, and other educational videos of interest.

DMV also offers useful online services at You can go online for vehicle registration, driver license renewal, online appointments and opportunities to purchase specialty license plates.

Whether you are a new or experienced motorist, I hope this handbook–and all DMV educational resources–enhances your experience on California roads and promotes safe driving in the years ahead.

image of Acting Secretary signature

Brian P. Kelly
California State Transportation Agency

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