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Sample C Driver Written Test - #1


Your browser must be JavaScript enabled to complete the sample drivers test below. Only JavaScript  enabled browsers will check your answer and provide an immediate pop-up response indicating if your answer is correct or not. Browsers that do not support JavaScript  may seem to indicate the wrong answer as the correct answer. An answer sheet is available for those browsers which do not support JavaScript.

1. You may drive off of the paved roadway to pass another vehicle:

2. You are approaching a railroad crossing with no warning devices and are unable to see 400 feet down the tracks in one direction. The speed limit is:

3. When parking your vehicle parallel to the curb on a level street.

4. When you are merging onto the freeway, you should be driving:

5. When driving in fog, you should use your:

6. A white painted curb means:

7. A school bus ahead of you in your lane is stopped with red lights flashing. You should:

8. California's "Basic Speed Law" says:

9. You just sold your vehicle. You must notify the DMV within ___ days.

10. To avoid last minute moves, you should be looking down the road to where your vehicle will be in about ______________.

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