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DMV Driving Knowledge Tutorial

The DMV Driving Knowledge Tutorial has been designed for your use as a study guide for preparing to take the DMV Driver License written exam(s). Test questions are asked on ten driving-related knowledge areas, similar to those asked on the written exam. Questions are presented in random order and you will not see every question in all of the categories each time you review the tutorial.

System Requirements

Required - Flash Player plugin (minimum version 5) for your Internet browser. If you do not have Version 5 or higher of the Flash Player plugin installed on your system, download the latest version at the Macromedia site.

Not Recommended for use with dialup modems. Because of the size of the tutorial file we recommend that you DO NOT download this file using a dialup modem. Download time could be up to 20 minutes. If you use a dialup connection, you can review our interactive online sample written tests.
It is recommended that you use a fast Internet connection such as T1, ISDN, Cable, DSL, etc. to access this file.

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