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California Department of Motor Vehicles
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Potentially Unsafe Driver

Unsafe Driver

If you know someone who may no longer be able to drive safely, you may request that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) review his or her driving qualifications. This form is provided for your convenience. If you prefer, you may write a letter to your local Driver Safety office to identify the driver you want to report and give your reason(s) for making the report.


You may ask to keep your name confidential and DMV will attempt not to disclose your identity to the fullest extent possible. We understand that reporting someone, especially a patient, relative, or close friend, is a sensitive issue and DMV does not want to harm your relationship with that person. However, we also want to make sure that potentially unsafe drivers are evaluated. All records received by DMV which report a physical or mental condition are confidential and cannot be made public (CVC §1808.5)

DMV'S Mission

One of DMV’s major responsibilities is to promote traffic safety and protect the motoring public by minimizing the number of unsafe drivers. DMV also understands the importance of a driver license and a person’s independence. DMV keeps this in mind when evaluating a driver.


If you have any questions, please contact one of the following Driver Safety Branch Offices:

Alphabetical listing of Driver Safety offices with phone number.




(323) 724-4000

El Segundo

(310) 615-3500


(559) 445-6399


(949) 440-4416


(510) 563-8900


(805) 488-0863


(530) 224-4755


(916) 227-2970

San Bernardino

(909) 383-7413

San Diego

(858) 627-3901

San Francisco

(415) 557-1170

San Jose

(408) 229-7100

Van Nuys

(818) 376-4217


FFDL 10(REV.10/2009)